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The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, 40 South Carroll St,  Frederick, MD 21701


Drawing Anatomy: The upper body
Students will focus on the torso and arms while learning about anatomy and surface landmarks. Work from the skeleton, anatomy apps, and books to explore underlying structures, and put your observations and knowledge to use while drawing from a live model. Tues. 6-9pm, 1/9-1/30. Costs: $160 ($135 members) https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-DR2

Drawing Anatomy: The Head
Jan 27th Sat. 10-4 Costs: $105 ($80 members) Learn anatomical structure of the head as well as methods of depicting facial expression, mood, and personality in a portrait. Students will begin with a lesson in anatomy, emphasizing planes and proportion, and then work from a model to practice structure and gesture Tuition includes model fee. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-DR3

Painterly Printmaking: Monotypes
Sat/Sun Feb. 24/25 12-5. $135 ($110 members) Paint with ink on a plexi-glass plate and run it through a printing press to create beautiful, painterly images on paper. This method of printmaking uses both additive and subtractive techniques to emphasize gesture and expressiveness.https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-OM2

Drawing Anatomy: Hands and Feet
Sat/Sun Feb. 17/18 1-4. Costs: $115 ($90 members) Concentrate on the challenge of drawing hands and feet by studying the underlying anatomy and their beautiful gestures. Working from anatomical references and a live model, students will create several graphite studies. Tuition includes model fee. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-DR4

Beginning B/W Oil Painting: The Plaster Cast
Jan. 11- Feb. 8 Thurs. 6-9pm Costs: $160 ($135 members) a perfect step for artists making the transition from drawing to painting. Students will work from plaster casts, while learning to observe using a traditional sight/size method and paint monchromatically, with emphasis on tonal range. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-PT4

Classical Pet Portrait in Oil
Tues. Feb. 13- March 6th, 6-9pm. Costs: $150 ($125 members) Learn to capture the anatomy, expression, and personality of your animal companion! Working in oil on canvas and from reference photos, this class will focus on specific techniques for rendering textures like fur and feathers, as well as the challenges of working from photos.https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=18-3-PT3

For more information, contact The Delaplaine: http://www.delaplaine.org or 301-698-0656


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