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The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, 40 South Carroll St,  Frederick, MD 21701


Long Pose Figure Drawing
Our model will be in a long pose that will continue each week for 6 weeks, allowing for a large finished charcoal drawing. Rendering techniques, anatomy, gesture and composition will be explored. 7/7-8/11, Tues. 6-9 pm. Students under 18 have to provide written permission.  https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=21-1-DR01

Sculpting the Human Figure
7/8-8/12 Weds 6-9 pm. Develop a deeper understanding of human anatomy, gesture, form and proportion from direct observation of the human figure. Emphasis will be placed on anatomy, gesture, clay properties, use of tools and preparation for kiln firing. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=21-1-SC02

Sculpting The Portrait
7/9-8/13 6-9pm. Sculpt a portrait in ceramic clay. Working from a live model, judging proportions, capturing gesture and expression. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=21-1-SC01

Oil Painting
The Figure as Color Study: 7/25 & 7/26 9:30- 12:30. Working from a costumed model, students will create small color studies by quickly blocking in large shapes in a "wet into wet" technique that results in a freshness and gestural quality. https://delaplaine.org/class/?id=21-1-PT01

Depending on what is happening with the COVID-19 situation, classes may change to online instruction, in which case the classes may be changed and would be geared towards subjects that don't require live models.

For more information, contact The Delaplaine: http://www.delaplaine.org or 301-698-0656


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